Is Bigfoot A Legend?

Is Bigfoot A Legend?

The legend of the sasquatch or bigfoot is alive and well. Though most of the documentary evidences including audio clips, images and videos were released lately, the story of the bigfoot the legend is actually long. The first few popular stories and sightings of the Big Foot happened in North America in the early 1950s but if one will trace back the story of the elusive bipedal animal, then one will learn that the story is old.

The real story of the legend may actually be real according to some scientists. The large animal in the forest mat actually be linked to pre-historic humans. According to one scientist, Boris Porshnev, the Big Foot may be a relative of the Almas of Siberia and may be the connected to the Neanderthal man. This exploration on the subject help fan the legend of big foot and continue the fascination of the general public with the animal.

Sasquatch Or Bigfoot

Before Big Foot was the name adopted for the elusive bipedal animal; the popular term used by explorers and tribes was Sasquatch. There were other names used and these all depend on the region and locations. The Native Americans and the Australian Yowie have other terms for this burly creature. This also means that the sightings were not just limited to North America; sightings were also reported in other countries. Whatever the name adopted is, there’s no denying the fact that the name Big Foot is now popular and the legend of big foot continues up to this day.

Whatever the location of the sighting, the descriptions were generally the same. People are reporting of a burly animal, usually measuring from seven to eight feet tall. In some sightings, some people reported an animal that reached fourteen feet! When it comes to color, there were a number of colors reported including black and brown. Though there are variations in the story, one thing remains clear- the Big Foot is an elusive and frightening creature that comes with a towering height.

Legend Of Big Foot Continues

Right now, the stories on the Big Foot continue to pour in. There is now a growing database of stories, captured videos, images and sound clips that support the story. This is an expected development because of the popularity of smart phones and video cameras that can instantly capture any movements or sightings that will indicate the Big Foot. And with the popularity of social media like Twitter and Facebook, it is now easier to share information and know more about the elusive animal. Until there is a concrete evidence of the Big Foot, the legend of big foot will continue.

So is big foot a legend? As of now yes, and time and evidences including validated audio clips, images and videos will only tell otherwise.

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